Corporate Structure

At Sunrise Industries, Inc. Agricultural Business Initiative (ABI) is based on 20 plus years of old fashion up by sunrise and done by sunset.  Traditional farming is a part of our DNA and runs deep throughout our family history.  We are thankful and blessed that we can work the land, plant the seeds, harvest its bounty to feed all of our families. We are a closed corporation with Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in all areas of agricultural business acumen to include; the initial  grow, the harvest and the processing of the both raw materials and finished products.  We have developed the next generation of smart manufacturing Agricultural Production Hubs (APH). Our 2020 harvest is 300 plus acres of hemp for pharmaceutical, and other health care natural ingredient products.

Sunrise Industries is a company built on a solid foundation of innovation and culture. We recruit the best-in-talent with the hiring of our military serviceman and women and other critical talent that makes up our organization. As we evolve our business services it is essential that we collaborate and integrate various facets of information systems and digital transformation technologies.  At Sunrise Industries, Inc. we are committed to the next generation of The Internet of Things (IOT), e-commerce and online services. Our products and services are laser focused on empowering the individual farmer and agriculture co-ops to join use in the establishment of a highly competitive Agricultural Service Platform (ASP).  This is unique to the Caribbean and emerging farm production in the United States. We support all aspects of farming to include outdoor, traditional, hydroponics, green-houses, and innovative crop technologies.

Corporate Ownership

Billy Ingram

President & CEO

Mr. Billy Ingram is a successful entrepreneur in his own right and has owned & operated several full-service restaurants, entertainment venues and hotels in North Carolina and Georgia. He was instrumental in the Charlotte NC area in providing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) to 500 plus first home time buyers. He was instrumental in managing a 600m budget for veteran financing and private redevelopment projects. Internationally, he was instrumental working with the governments of Bahamas and Andros Island, assisting in the design of affordable, weather resistant homes and packaging a pre-development blueprint for a multi-million-dollar resort on the island. Mr. Ingram began producing ethanol in the late 90’s where he pioneered a waste to ethanol distillation process that produces bio-gas and bio diesel products employing a yield process which uses duckweed as a feedstock.

Mr. Ingram has successfully engineered, procured, constructed, and maintained a wide variety of utility technologies and other services in renewable energy, aquaponics & hydroponics, biofuels, data transmission and the construction industry. His expertise and resources focus are on cutting edge technologies and smart manufacturing. In today’s agricultural industry Mr. Ingram once again in an industry leader in the development of Agricultural Production Hubs (APH) and sustainability crops in the island of Puerto Rico.

Carol Ingram-Bryant

Vice President & COO

Pending Bio

Kenneth R White, Sr.

Business Development & Technology Consultant
OAI Technologies

Kenneth R White Sr. “Scout” a native son of the state of Tennessee but raised in Maryland. He holds multiply educational accolades, technology awards in advanced research and is a Subject Matter Expert in a wide spectrum of communications and information system technologies. He attended the Community College of the Air Force in advance telecommunications and satellite communications training, digital electronics was a senior telecommunications engineer while serving in the United States Air Force. He also attended the University of Maryland and Cerro Costa College. Is 20 plus career in the private industry has been extremely rewarding. His business acumen and positions included technical engineering, project and program management working the rail transportation an information technology companies to include IBM, Inc, at&t, Inc., Tekmark Global Solutions, Inc., Hitachi and Ericsson, Inc.

He has managed from an architectural perspective data centers, Mobile Device Management (MDM), cloud migration “SaaS, PaaS & IaaS, AWS, Azure” metadata & monetization”. He has an extensive background in heterogeneous Networks (Hetnet), Small Cell Solutions (SCS) wireless, wire-line, terrestrial infrastructure and was awarded two (2) University of Maryland Industrial Partner (MIPS) research grants (GSM/VoIP/VSAT) and has authored technology white papers. He also has received and been honored with the following awards which included: Twice the USAF Commendation Medal, Armed Force Reserve, Air Force Good Conduct & the overseas tour ribbon, STS 1 & 2 shuttle mission support, Award, Eagle Scout Awarded June 12, 1978 & assistant Scout Master for 20 plus years.

Edmund Phillips

Vice President AG Operations

Pending Bio

Ira S Davis, Sr.

Vice President Investment Services

One of Mr. Davis distinguished honors, representing the state of Pennsylvania he was selected for the United States Olympic team in 1957, 1960, and 1964. He was named to the all-American track team in 1956 1958 and 1960 and was inducted into the Pennsylvania sports Hall of Fame in 1982. He holds the position as the first African American head coach at LaSalle University and today holds one of its records at the famous Penn Relays. Mr. Davis holds a degree in accounting from LaSalle University and currently lives in Palm Beach Florida with his lovely wife Beverly.

Ira is no stranger to the business Academia and public service. He served on the board of mayors Philadelphia economic roundtable and Vice President of the household good movers’ chapter of Pennsylvania. He also holds the distinguished honor and served on the Advisory Board of Temple University and held a position on the board of trustees at LaSalle University. Mr. Davis was selected as the Philadelphia of the small businessman of the year award in 1981 for the Philadelphia district.